Art belongs in the streets!

  • Uličník will for the third time bring the streets of Prague to life with music, dance, new circus and theatre – from Thursday, June 7, to Saturday, June 9!

    Uličník has called over 200 artists for help who will have over 500 performances in 50 locations in Prague this year. 5 larger music stages, a separate theatre scene and more than 40 busker points will make some magic happen.

    Uličník does not play the small/big, so it is the BIGGEST festival of street art in the Czech Republic. Hats off, as they say. It features such Czech star artists as Aneta Langerová, Indy & Wich + LA4, James Cole or Lake Malawi and such foreign star artists as the duo Heymoonshaker and the famous London buster Lewis Floyd Henry.

    Be part of the third year of the Prague street festival Praha Žije Hudbou and PERFORM yourself or help Uličník with the festival organization and become a VOLUNTEER.

    PS: Throw your contributions in the artists´ hats.


Be part of the third year of Praha Žije Hudbou and sign up right now.

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Become a volunteer

Uličník needs you. So do not stay at home, become a volunteer and be part of the realization team of the biggest street art festival in the Czech Republic.

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Contribute to Uličník’s virtual hat

The entry is free. That’s why every year Uličník has to rely on donations from his good friends, generous partners and munificent supporters. Without them, the festival Praha Žije Hudbou could not be held at all.

Uličník also relies on your sincere interest in street art as well as your good heart and kindly asks you to throw a couple of loose change into his virtual hat to stand up with him and thousands of his friends for the idea of the festival.

Will you contribute? Virtually every little bit counts.